Go contactless

The way back

How do restaurants reopen safely and responsibly in a post COVID-19 world?

States have new rules to follow for reopening restaurants regarding physical distancing, cleaning protocols and contactless ordering options. Customers expect a new standard of safety from restaurants. We believe the restaurants who adapt will bounce back faster, and we want to do our part.

We can take lessons from the restaurant industry in China, where current consumption has roared back to up to 90% of last year's totals.

Most restaurants in China use digital menus and contactless payments. Scan a QR code, open a menu on your phone, and pay with your phone. No physical interaction required.

Snackpass is committed to helping restaurants open up safely and adapt to the new environment by providing digital menus, which we believe should be a part of every restaurant’s toolkit.

How can digital menus help your restaurant?

Digital menus help restaurants adapt to changing consumer habits, protect employees, and follow new guidelines from the CDC along with state and local governments.

Consumers are now hyper-focused on hygienic safety protocols and taking every precaution to avoid activities in crowded spaces.

For instance, according to recent Datassential surveys, customers need more assurances:

  • 93% of guests prefer digital/disposable menus for a safe restaurant environment, 87% prefer contactless payments.
  • Being ‘clean and sanitary’ is the #1 criteria for customers choosing restaurants during the pandemic.
  • Only 15% completely trust that the restaurants of today are currently able to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe.

Restaurant employee safety is top of mind too. Staff is exposed to hundreds of interactions each day with customers.

With Digital Menu, customers simply open their phone camera to scan a QR code, and begin browsing a customized menu for that restaurant. Customers order and pay straight from their phones; no app download necessary and completely contactless.

Additional benefits include:

  • Upsell with every order, increasing ticket sizes by around 20%
  • More orders per customer: customers can add to their order without leaving their seat
  • Contactless payments support Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit card
  • Built-in customizable loyalty program
  • Automated retargeting campaigns to end the ‘one-visit’ customer
  • Instantly edit the menu to add specials or mark items as sold out

As states and dining rooms reopen, we’ve prepared Digital Menus for a variety of use cases: table-side dine-in with table numbers, counter service, quick pay stations, curbside takeout and even drive-thru.

Take back control

Currently, while restaurants struggle to drive traffic, delivery platforms are recording record revenue. The first tech wave for US restaurants was large aggregators that charge 20-30% commission and markup menu prices. This is not sustainable.

We believe the second wave will be software tools that enable restaurants to go directly to their customers. We believe technology should benefit restaurants, not detract.

We want to help restaurants take back control. Restaurants pay zero commission on orders through Snackpass Digital Menu.

We equip restaurants with a fully integrated contactless suite– digital menus, mobile ordering, online ordering, self-serve kiosks, a marketing engine, and with that, true ownership of their business.

If you’re a restaurant owner determined to get ahead of this new normal and take back control, become a Snackpass Partner and go contactless today.

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